Le Cendrillon is more than the name of the popular fairy tale of our childhood. It is a cozy restaurant in which it’s great to meet, an eclectic and unpretentious design and a professional staff team who is always ready to talk. It's a warm atmosphere, a distinctive menu and small dishes to share that will satisfy every palate. Le Cendrillon is also a tribute to the restaurant of the same name from the 50s. It is a desire to soak up the history and the spirit of Limoilou. It is a desire to revive a cult place of the district and provide a place on 3rd Avenue in which to gather. In this community approach, Le Cendrillon prioritizes local products from neighbouring shops. That is a restaurant to discover, but especially to adopt.

Atmosphere and experience

Le Cendrillon offers a concept of late kitchen, ideal for 5-7 and meetings with friends. Like the heroine of fairy tale, you have until midnight to entertain and enjoy the cuisine. Small dishes are offered to be enjoyed solo or in groups, depending on your appetite. Homemade cold cuts, Quebec cheeses, oysters counter dressed, meats grilled on charcoal ... Cinderella proposes an accessible, but distinctive, cuisine. Classic cocktails, a dozen beer lines and a wine list that suggests Canadian products will all satisfy your thirst. In a surprising setting, both contemporary and industrial, which is worth the trip.